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The Bloody Wood

The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.

-John Muir

For centuries, the Thornwood Forest has served as the Terra Incognita of the Iron Kingdoms. Situated between four of the great nations of Western Immoren, The haunted nature of the forest has, to date, kept it from becoming a significant battleground.

That has all changed with the fall of Llael.

With Llael now occupied by the Khadoran military, military forces have begun crossing the mountains and pouring into the woods. Some have come to defend against Khadoran aggression. Some have come to support it. Some have come for their own inscrutable purposes. The ancient and eldritch wood is silent no longer, filled with the sounds of steam-driven warjacks, explosive magics, and gunfire.

The army capable of subduing its enemies and seizing control of the forest may be able to exert levels of influence not seen since the Orgoth ruled much of the continent. The question is: at what price?

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